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Muck Munchers XL 12 Month Programme
Reduces Organic Waste by up to 97% - Only 49.99 €
PLUS FREE Kick-Start Bio Booster Normally 19.99 €


Muck Munchers XL + FREE Bio Booster

12 months programme + FREE Bio-Booster kit, Product Code: IRE-MMBB muck munchers XL

Price 49.99 €

special offer

FREE Kick-Start Bio-Booster SAVING 17.50

Real Benefits for You
Muck Muncher Easy and Safe to Use – Non-Chemical Formulation
Muck Muncher 12 Months Peace of Mind – Maintains Odourless, Clog-Free Drains
Muck Muncher Digests Organic Waste - Minimises Septic Tank Emptying
Muck Muncher Vastly Reduces Expensive Pump-Outs – Saving You 100’s of £’s
Muck Muncher Eliminates Grease Build-Ups – Clear Flowing Tanks and Drainage Fields
Muck Muncher Reduces Unpleasant, Unsightly Over-Flows – Less Potential Health Hazards

The ultimate non-toxic, natural biological septic tank cleaner providing effective treatment, all-year-round, plus a specially formulated booster treatment to quickly activate your entire septic system and drainage-field outflow network.

Muck Munchers XL is a simple monthly, flushable soluble sachet treatment that can save you 100’s of £’s in expensive septic tank emptying and potentially 1,000’s of £'s on drainage system repairs and re-builds.

Plus – to guarantee success each 12 month Muck Munchers XL programme comes with a Free Muck Munchers Bio-Booster Start-up Pack.

Together they’ll maintain your system in tip-top condition, digesting organic material, including fats and grease, counteracting detergent, bleach and other chemical contaminants.

12 Monthly Soluble Treatments

Flush and Forget

Just Flush and Forget!

How to Set Muck Munchers XL to Work

1. Simply flush the soluble Kick-Start Bio-Booster down a toilet. It’s then best not to use the toilet for a few hours, to help ensure some microbes also populate drain walls to clean them up too.

2 . Then each month flush down a Muck Munchers Sachet to maintain a healthy microbe population. If you purchase from our website we automatically send you a reminder on the 1st of each month.

TIP – If you have a slow-draining sink, dissolve a Muck Munchers XL Sachet in luke-warm water last thing at night. Then let it flow into the trap and drain. Leave any residue until morning before
flushing it away. It will digest fats, oils and greases coating waste pipes